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Vinc and his accomplices plan an attack on Europaallee, a commercial street, to make a statement against capitalism in Switzerland. Meanwhile the peace and quiet of the ranger Edi gets disturbed, because a financial emergency puts his ethics into question. Sonam starts her first day at work as a policewoman. Full of hope, the young Ukrainian Sonja arrives in Zurich to surprise the love of her life. Javier doesn’t feel home in Switzerland anymore and decides to go back to his old home, Chile. Five life stories, all being connected the fight for their rights, dignity and respect.


Fiction, 82 min

Episode "Edi"

Directed by Wendy Pillonel

Produced by ZHdK 


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Zürich Film Festival 2016

Solothurner Filmtage 2017

5 Seen Filmfestival 2017